Eneco Group invests in Next Kraftwerke

Dutch sustainable energy company Eneco Group has acquired a minority interest of 34% in Germany-based Next Kraftwerke, operator of one of the largest Virtual Power Plants (VPP) in Europe. The investment will allow for the further strategic expansion of Next Kraftwerke in Europe and contribute to the joint ambition of Eneco Group and Next Kraftwerke to accelerate the energy transition by means of technology, enabling more renewable and decentralized energy.

Next Kraftwerke, founded in 2009 in Cologne, has become one of the largest independent digital aggregators of renewable energy in Europe. The company has a strong position in the German market, with more than 4,000 decentralized assets aggregating more than 2,800 MW of energy capacity. The company offers its customers forecasting and trading of renewable energies, optimized production of distributed assets, and demand response solutions. By connecting to Next Kraftwerke’s VPP, customer assets can be used to balance the grid. Access to ancillary services markets provides customers with further financial benefits. Next Kraftwerke has recently been named one of Europe’s fastest growing companies by the Financial Times and is expanding throughout Europe with operations in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland.

Joeri Kamp, managing director Smart Energy at Eneco Group: “Eneco Group aims to play a leading role in the progress toward decentralized and sustainable energy production and consumption. Digitization and technologies such as Virtual Power Plants will help make this possible. The experience and expertise of Next Kraftwerke in this area will prove to be of great value. Furthermore, we will focus on how this partnership can further accelerate Next Kraftwerke’s international expansion and development of valuable services for its customers.”

Hendrik Sämisch, co-CEO and co-founder of Next Kraftwerke: “We have seen significant growth of our company with the rise of renewable energy assets in the market and are excited about the continuing opportunities this trend will bring. With this investment, we are looking toward further growth (both organic and acquired) into new European markets, while maintaining a strong relationship with our existing partners and customers. We believe Eneco Group is the right partner for this, since we have a shared vision on the energy transition and its opportunities. Additionally, we are proud that all current shareholders will remain within the company.”

The partnership is subject to approval by Germany’s national merger and competition authority, the Bundeskartellamt.

Note to the editor:

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About Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke operates one of the largest Virtual Power Plants in Europe. By utilizing the full potential of digitalization, we connect more than 4,000 energy-producing and energy-consuming units in our Virtual Power Plant, Next Pool, with a total capacity of over 2,800 MW. Through our technology, our clients are able to produce and consume electricity when prices are best for them. By trading their aggregated power 24/7 on different energy spot markets, our Virtual Power Plant also makes a substantial contribution to stabilizing the grid by smartly distributing the power generated and consumed by the individual units in times of peak load.

About Eneco Group

Eneco Group is a group of companies active internationally in the field of renewable energy and innovation. Together with our customers, partners and more than 3,000 employees, we work on our mission: sustainable energy for all. We invest in wind farms, biomass plants, heat and solar parks to increase the supply of renewable energy. And we develop innovative products and services so that our customers can control how to generate, store, use or share energy.