Eneco builds large wind farm in Delfzijl

20 wind turbines produce green power for 60,000 households


The complete realisation of Delfzijl Noord Wind Farm will take place under the management of Eneco. This has been agreed by the sustainable energy company and the developers of the wind farm, KDE Energy and WindWise. The wind farm will have a capacity of 60 to 65 MegaWatt and will be located in the Groningen Seaports area. Construction will commence as soon as the end of this year and the wind farm will be operational by mid-2014. Eneco will invest over €80 million in the project.

Windpark Delfzijl

Now that the development phase has been completed, Eneco will take over development company WindWise. Eneco has a lot of experience in the area of wind farm construction. Through this transaction, Eneco will be solely responsible for the construction.

The wind farm will consist of 18 to 20 wind turbines with a height of approximately 150 metres (tip height) that will be installed on the Schermdijk dike and Pier van Oterdum in the municipality of Delfzijl. Close by, Eneco has started the construction of the largest biomass power plant of the Netherlands: Eneco Bio Golden Raand. The realisation of both projects means that Eneco can supply even more nationally produced sustainable energy to its customers within a relatively short time frame. Together, the projects will produce sufficient power for around 180,000 households.

Delfzijl Noord Wind Farm has a long history. The first plans were drawn up eleven years ago. The wind farm has been developed by Millenergy. After the Delfzijl city council gave its approval for a change in the area development plan at the end of 2011, the required permits became irrevocable in December 2011 following a decision by the Council of State.

WindWise and KDE Energy collaborated in this project through a partnership under the name Millenergy. In addition to Delfzijl Noord Wind Farm, Millenergy also develops other wind projects within the municipality of Delfzijl. Eneco and KDE Energy aim to continue to look for suitable locations for wind energy projects together with the municipality of Delfzijl and the province of Groningen.

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