Eneco and Roamler Tech expand cooperation

App now also covers installation of central heating or boiler by expert


Eneco and Roamler Tech, a mobile platform for installation jobs, are expanding their cooperation. As a result, independent technicians using the Roamler Tech platform are now also allowed to install central heating systems, boilers and heat pumps for Eneco customers. 

Since 2016, independent technicians can generate income using the Roamler app by carrying out technical installation jobs such as the installation of Eneco's smart thermostat Toon, the installation of alarm systems and the realisation of telecommunication connections. The app is used for all the aspects relating to planning, communication and quality control. Following a trial period in which customer satisfaction was high, Eneco now also offers the possibility to use the app for more complex technical jobs such as the installation of central heating systems, heat pumps and boilers.Via Roamler Tech, the installation jobs are offered to a flexible pool of independent technical experts. These experts can make a selection from the available jobs and, due to the number of available experts, customers can select the moment at which they want the job to be carried out.

“Our experience so far demonstrates that crowdsourcing, offering jobs by means of a platform, is a highly suitable model, also for more complex technical activities”, says Erik van Eekhout, Client Success Manager at Roamler Tech. “This step expands and intensifies the existing cooperation between the two companies to include maintenance, repairs and the installation of central heating systems, smart boilers and hybrid heat pumps.”

Levi van de Ven, director at Eneco Installatiebedrijven: “Our aim is to support as many customers as possible in making the transition to sustainable energy consumption, for example by installing energy saving products at their homes. The cooperation with Roamler Tech allows us to help our customers in an efficient, innovative and customer-friendly manner.”