Eneco and Peeeks launch smart boiler

Boiler uses surplus solar energy to deliver more sustainable showers

Sunny and windy days are manna from heaven for solar panels and wind turbines. Nevertheless, too much sun or wind can overload the grid and surplus renewable energy gets wasted. Eneco, Peeeks and Inventum have now joined forces to tackle this problem head-on. The result is a smart electric boiler which uses surplus green energy to heat water. This smart and socially responsible way of heating means more ‘sustainable’ showers and baths. In addition, with this smart heating mechanism consumers can reduce their energy bills.

The smart boiler
Peeeks and partner Eneco have initiated a project with the support of the Topsector Energie branch of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, to help bridge the gap between domestic energy consumption and the generation of renewable energy. The one device that uses the most domestic electric energy is the electric boiler. By way of illustration: the 500,000 or so electric boilers in the Netherlands demand about as much power as is generated by around 600 wind turbines. The beauty of Peeeks’ smart boiler is that it can be switched on and off remotely to offset fluctuations in the generation of green energy, whilst at the same time providing consumers with an even more dependable source of hot water.

In cooperation with Inventum, a supplier of innovative ventilation and hot water systems, the first one hundred of these smart boilers have been built, tested and installed in residential homes. ‘The results are highly promising. The smart boiler helps to use solar and wind generated power more efficiently. This means that with a minimum of effort, our customers will now be able to do their bit for sustainability. Installing a smart boiler in the home also allows consumers to save on their electricity bills,’ explains Evert Jan Althuis, innovation manager at Eneco.

Smart heating
The smart boiler not only keeps track of the amount of green energy in the grid, but also carries out smart heating. Boiler manufacturer Inventum sums this up as follows: ‘Whereas old-fashioned boilers only heat during the night and therefore can run empty during the day, the smart boiler monitors its status and, if necessary, triggers the heating process,’ says CEO Richard Verbree. ‘Not only does this save energy, but cold showers are now a thing of the past.’

24/7 monitoring
The smart boiler comes with an internet connection and is automatically monitored and controlled by Peeeks, a company based in Delft. ‘We monitor the condition of all boilers around the clock,’ explains co-founder Jorrit Lucas, ‘as well as the balance of the national grid. Our system then calculates the optimum heating strategy for all boilers and puts this in practice. This optimally benefits consumers and the electricity grid.’


Peeeks is a technology company that offers solutions for monitoring and controlling electrical equipment for customers of electricity providers. Peeeks’ team believes that the world’s energy requirements can be supplied using 100% renewable sources. In order to achieve this, Peeeks develops flexible solutions which are able to address the imbalance between production and consumption of electricity. Peeeks was founded by experts working in the field of energy technology, ICT and energy trading. Strongly Europe-focused, Peeeks is based in Delft, the Netherlands.


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