Eneco and Lek en IJssel Stroom start working on sustainability in Lopikerwaard region

Energy cooperative Lek en IJssel Stroom and Eneco have signed a partnership agreement aimed at increasing sustainability in the Lopikerwaard region. The first step of the partners is to investigate the possibilities for replacing the existing three-turbine wind farm with a new and more efficient one. The three current wind turbines were put into operation in 2007 and produce around 13 GWh of sustainable power annually.

The partnership between Eneco and the Lek en IJssel Stroom cooperative forms a strong basis for this process. Eneco’s contribution includes years of experience and expertise in the area of wind energy, while Lek en IJssel Stroom knows which local interests and ideas must be taken into account and also facilitates the 50% co-ownership by the local community. Local ownership helps to strengthen the support in the community and further accelerate the energy transition.

Chair of the energy cooperative Lek en IJssel Stroom, Dick Nederend: “It won’t be long before the municipality of Lopik will determine its bid for the local Regional Energy Strategy. Assuming that repowering of the three existing wind turbines near the De Copen business park will form part of the bid, I am very pleased that this partnership between Eneco and the cooperative offers the possibility to give shape to the local component of this project.” Eneco’s representative Arnold Spek is also looking forward to the cooperation: “I am very pleased that we are taking on the challenge together with the energy cooperative Lek en IJssel Stroom of taking a concrete step towards further increasing the sustainability of the energy supply in general, and the Lopikerwaard region in particular. We are pleased to be involved in such bottom-up initiatives in cooperation with the local community that allow us to initiate major changes.”