Vincent Tuk Chief Digital Officer of Eneco

Vincent Tuk [49] has been appointed as Chief Digital Officer of Eneco with effect from 1 September 2022. He has been working for Eneco’s trade department (Eneco Energy Trade) since September 2021, among other things on the construction of a Virtual Power Plant.

As Tempelman, CEO of Eneco, says: "Expansion of sustainable energy sources and digitalisation will be determining factors for the development of energy systems. Our aim is to be a climate-neutral energy company by 2035 and in order to achieve that we are now going to accelerate the company’s digital transformation. The modernisation of our tech stack is progressing steadily with cloud-based ICT architecture. We will soon be introducing our own Virtual Power Plant, which will allow us to instantly make smarter use of the flexible capacity of wind and solar farms and batteries. I am very pleased with the appointment of Vincent Tuk as Chief Digital Officer. His leadership qualities, experience in the field of digitalisation and in-depth knowledge of the energy sector make him uniquely positioned to ensure that our digital transformation will be a big success." 

Vincent says: "I am very excited to get started as Chief Digital Officer of Eneco. I strongly believe in Eneco’s mission. Our role is to offer our customers and partners the best solutions and to advance towards climate neutrality together. Data and Digital Solutions play a crucial role in this. I look forward to working with everyone at Eneco and beyond to accelerate the energy transition."

Vincent Tuk is an energy transition expert. He has been working in the energy domain throughout his career (since 1998). In 2018, he was the founder-director of USIO Energy, an energy supplier in the UK that was able to deliver savings to customers by using its own advanced data science platform. Between 2011 and 2016, he was the founder of consultancy Cleanreturns, which focused on areas such as electric transport, energy storage, virtual power plants and smart energy networks. Vincent recently also worked for a number of e-commerce customers. In the past he has held positions  at companies including Shell and McKinsey.

Vincent Tuk holds an MBA from INSEAD and studied Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.