UPDATE Eneco and the supply of Russian gas

(updated 21 July)

On 4 March 2022, Eneco issued an initial response to the situation in Ukraine and its relations with Russian gas suppliers. As announced, our short-term contracts with Gazprom Marketing & Trading in London ended at the end of March. In addition, many things have happened about which we are getting a lot of questions from (potential) customers and journalists. Here is an update.


  • On 4 April 2022, the German government took over the management of Gazprom Germania, including its subsidiary Wingas ('trusteeship'). The company will remain in Russian hands for the time being, but control rests with the German government.
  • Gazprom Germania and its subsidiaries were then put on the sanctions list by the Russian government. This means, among other things, that Russian companies can no longer trade with and supply Gazprom Germania and Wingas. 
  • We have been informed by WIngas that they do not acquire gas from Gazprom.
  • On 14 June 2022, the German government announced that it will continue to manage Gazprom Germania after 30 September, while also providing a loan in order to strengthen liquidity. This has been welcomed by Wingas (Liebe Geschäftspartnerinnen und Geschäftspartner! - Wingas GmbH) and it appears to have made a significant improvement to the financial position and continuity of Wingas as a supplier.
  • Also see: 20220614_PM_Bundesreg sichert Treuhandverwaltung_en (
  • Gazprom Germania is also getting a new name: SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH.
  • The mutual contractual obligations between Wingas and Eneco remain in force.
  • The European Union has already imposed various sanctions packages on Russia, the most recent being the Fifth Sanctions Package.


  • On 4 March, we communicated the share of the Wingas contract (10-15%) as part of our direct (gas) contracts.
  • Eneco supplies gas to customers and trades in gas on the market.  Our trading volume is the total amount of gas that is purchased and sold in the market and through contracts such as those Eneco has concluded with Wingas and other suppliers.
  • The percentage of gas originating from Wingas in the purchased trading volume is less than 5%, at present.
  • This specification answers recent questions from the market in the context of the fifth EU sanctions package.