Eneco’s variable electricity tariff to fall below price ceiling in April

Variabele tarieven jan-april 2023 EN

The group of Eneco customers to receive a new variable tariff in April will be paying less than the price ceiling for electricity. Prices have been set at € 1.49999 per m3 for gas and at € 0.39444 per kWh for electricity, inclusive of energy tax and 21% VAT. Compared to their current tariff*, customers will be paying approximately 50% less.

“Committed as we are to having our customers profit from falling energy prices as soon as possible, we are now in the position to offer an electricity tariff below the price ceiling. Of course that is great news for our customers, because from April to June, electricity has a greater influence on energy costs. Also, we will be saving directly on the government’s expenditure for the price ceiling,” says Selina Thurer, Chief Customer Officer at Eneco. “Previously, we already announced that, due to the declining market, it will once again be possible to enter into a fixed price contract . For consumers looking for a little more certainty about their energy costs, this will be an interesting option.”

Downward trend 
After energy tariffs peaking in October of last year, the variable tariffs have steadily been going down for six months now. Since the start of 2023, tariffs inclusive of taxes have already decreased by over 50%.

The variable tariff for April will apply for approximately one-third of the customers with a variable contract. Customers will receive the tariff information 30 days ahead of the date on which the new tariff becomes effective.

*The tariff for this group of customers currently is € 3.04255 per m3 for gas and € 0.75780 per kWh for electricity.