Eneco wins tender for heating and cooling system for three subdistricts in Amsterdam’s Overamstel district

Energy supplier Eneco will be providing the collective heating and cooling network for heating, cooling and hot tap water in three districts in Amsterdam: Weespertrekvaart Midden/Oost, Amstelkwartier 3rd phase and Kauwgomballenkwartier. This is the result of the tender issued by the municipality of Amsterdam on 5 November last year.

In the coming years, about 3,200 homes, three primary schools, retail businesses, two supermarkets, restaurants, offices and various social facilities will be realised in the area. Eneco will produce hot water from two technical facilities in the area and transport it to the homes and other buildings for heating and hot tap water. Eneco will also take care of cooling buildings who are in need of this (in the summer this includes residential housing) through a separate cool water pipeline network. The energy supplier will design, build, manage, maintain and operate the heating and cooling network for the next 30 years.

Cheaper system for residents

With the tender, the municipality is implementing the city council's motion for the installation of low-temperature networks in new construction areas. Councillor Marieke van Doorninck: "We want to make new neighbourhoods in Amsterdam as sustainable as possible and gas-free. A sustainable, energy-neutral and affordable heat system is an essential part of this. By awarding this contract to Eneco, we will be deploying sustainable, innovative heat sources in these areas. Eneco is demonstrating that this type of low-temperature heat system is feasible. A solution that should also be implemented in other areas of the city."

"We are proud that the municipality of Amsterdam has chosen Eneco and we look forward to working with all stakeholders. Our experience and ambition to further accelerate the energy transition will help us to realise a modular and fully electric heating and cooling system for this area," says Manja Thiry, director of heat at Eneco.

Sustainable system

Eneco is building a modular thermal smart grid. It consists of heat and cold storage systems located deep underground in the area, air-water heat pumps, a distribution network, solar panels and a delivery station for each building. The system is 'smart' because heat and cold can be exchanged between buildings according to demand. Eneco also wants to install solar panels on the roofs of new buildings in the area, in coordination with the relevant project developers. The rest of the electricity required is generated by Eneco production facilities in the Netherlands. This makes the system completely energy-neutral and fully compliant with the municipality's requirements.

Construction and delivery

The construction of the heating and cooling network follows the phasing of the construction programme in the Weespertrekvaart Midden/Oost, Amstelkwartier 3rd phase and Kauwgomballenkwartier subdistricts. New buildings can be connected to the heating and cooling system in the two technical facilities in the area. These save the developers a lot of space in the buildings. Construction will begin in 2022 and the first heat/cold is expected to be supplied in early 2024. In the future, it will also be possible to connect existing homes and other buildings in the area, so that they can also make use of more sustainable heat and cold and save CO2.

For further information:

Amsterdam Municipality: Lisa den Oudendammer, spokesperson for councillor Van Doorninck, +31 (0)6 1037 0483 /

Eneco: Edwin van de Haar, manager media relations, +31 (0)6 40 755463 /