Eneco stops selling grey power to Dutch business customers

New contracts 100% green

As of today, 8 August 2022, Eneco will only be selling green power to new business customers in the Netherlands and existing customers seeking to extend their contract. Business customers wishing to use grey electricity, (power generated from non-sustainable sources) will no longer be able to obtain it from Eneco. Possibilities for switching to green power as soon as possible are being discussed with business customers who are still using grey electricity. Eneco already started supplying green power to consumers and small enterprises as early as 2011.

Dick Velings, director of all of Eneco’s B2B activities in the Netherlands: “This is a significant, high-impact step towards a sustainable future. Apart from it being a necessary step, we also believe that the B2B energy market is now ready to accelerate the energy transition by saying goodbye to grey energy.  This is in line with the message in our new commercial: we will welcome business customers who share Eneco’s commitment to sustainability.”

Eneco expects that following this decision, all of its B2B customers will have switched to green power by 2026; four years earlier than the objective stipulated in the One Planet Plan presented by the company last year. Eneco’s One Planet Plan is aimed at ensuring that both the company and the energy consumption of its customers are going to be climate neutral by 2035. 

Business customers contracted by Eneco from this moment onwards will be provided with products based on European or Dutch wind power or Dutch solar energy. As it stands, the societal benefits  of these products clearly outweigh their slightly higher price. 

This decision ties in with Eneco’s new positioning and advertising campaign. Business customers on green power? We’re on it. Now.