Eneco guarantees subsidy on solar panels

Sustainability should not become a lottery


The new subsidy scheme for solar panels leads to much uncertainty in the market. Interested consumers fear they must act quickly before the money is gone. This is why Eneco today announces its decision that customers who purchase solar panels from Eneco in 2012, will receive a refund equal to the subsidy amount from Eneco if they are too late to benefit from the subsidy scheme.

The new subsidy scheme for the purchase of solar panels will apply as of 2 July. It is part of the budgetary agreement that five parties in the Dutch House of Representatives reached in April 2012. A total of € 22 million is available this year. From 2 July, private individuals who have solar panels installed on their roofs, will receive a refund of up to € 650. As with previous subsidy schemes, no refunds will be available after the subsidy funds have been depleted. This leads to much commotion in a market that recently showed healthy and autonomous development due to the lower prices of solar panels.

Eneco believes that sustainability should not become a lottery. The sustainable energy company has therefore decided to provide security for its 1.8 million energy customers. Everyone who purchases solar panels from Eneco in 2012, but does not receive any subsidy because the funds have been depleted, will receive a refund from Eneco that is equal to the amount they would have been entitled to under the subsidy scheme. A solution will also be offered for customers who select the Eneco product Zon&Zeker (Solar Power&Security).

Eneco aims for a leading position in the consumer market for solar panels. At the end of March 2012, the energy company introduced Zon&Zeker, a comprehensive solution for solar power customers that includes everything from the installation of the panels to the settlement of resupplied electricity. The solar panels have a ten year warranty. Eneco also offer a ten year Zon&Zeker Warranty, which includes remote monitoring of the performance and efficiency of the solar panels to ensure optimal yield.

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