Eneco ends door-to-door selling of energy contracts

Eneco puts an end to doorstep selling of energy contracts to households in the Netherlands. Eneco strives to build trust in the process of selling new energy contracts, because trust is an important element of a successful energy transition. More and more, customers experience door-to-door sales as pushy and there is also evidence of malpractices in the sector in connection with this method. It is difficult to check if the consistently high level of quality that we strive for is also achieved in doorstep selling. This has a negative impact on the extent to which consumers trust this method that, therefore, is not in line with the manner in which Eneco prefers to sell energy contracts. Sufficient reason for Eneco to end door-to-door selling.

Eneco has always made an effort to ensure a high level of quality of doorstep selling with a focus on transparency, honesty and clarity. Again and again, this resulted in high scores for Eneco in quality assessments of door-to-door sales. Eneco has also been committed to increasing the quality level in the sector, including by contributing to the foundation of a central intermediary register for the energy market (CIRE) and the development of a code of conduct for the energy sector. Unfortunately, this has not resulted in achieving the quality requirements with respect to doorstep selling aimed for by Eneco in areas such as limiting the working hours of door-to-door salespersons and complaint handling.

Transparency, honesty and clarity
In connection with the current Covid-19 measures, door-to-door sales were already put on hold mid-December. These will not be restarted. Eneco is shifting its focus to sales channels that allow us to ensure that communication takes place in a customer friendly, honest and transparent manner. This way, we will be able to welcome all our customers properly and pleasantly and together strive for affordable and sustainably produced energy.