Eneco and Shell obtain permit for locating geothermal energy in Rotterdam region

The permit granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy for conducting research on geothermal energy in the municipalities Capelle aan den IJssel, Rotterdam, Lansingerland, Krimpen aan den IJssel and Zuidplas, brings Eneco and Shell a step closer to mapping the geothermal energy potential in the Rotterdam region. Using geothermal energy as a source can contribute to increasing the sustainability of the heat grids even further and is a promising possibility to heat more homes and buildings in this region without natural gas.

Over the coming years, Eneco and Shell will be working together with the local community on mapping the potential for geothermal energy in the ground. Agreements will be made with potential customers, the technique will be developed further, costs will be specified in more detail and possible drilling locations and what these locations might look like will be assessed in consultation with the local community. Parallel to this, municipalities can work out their heat strategies and decide whether to opt for collective heat facilities in their districts. Eneco and Shell can then work on the further development of specific geothermal energy locations and drill geothermal wells. At this point it is unknown when the drilling will start, but it is clear that this will not be taking place within the next years.