Dynamic energy contract also available for consumers with solar panels

The dynamic energy contract introduced by Eneco in September, Eneco Dynamisch, was not available for consumers who have solar panels installed on their roofs. As of today, consumers with solar panels can also opt for an Eneco Dynamisch contract, with tariffs that are linked directly to price developments on the energy market.

A dynamic contract can be an interesting option for consumers whose energy consumption equals or exceeds the amount of energy generated by their solar panels. Especially when energy consumption can be planned during hours when prices are low.  They can use the electricity generated by their solar panels and supplement it with energy that will be charged at rates based on the current hourly price for electricity and daily price for gas. An Eneco Dynamic contract also gives households with solar panels installed on their roofs more control over their costs and allows them to contribute to making our energy consumption more sustainable.

For more information on Eneco Dynamisch go to the dynamic contract web page or read our previously issued press release.