Eneco introduces a dynamic energy contract

With Eneco’s new contract Eneco Dynamisch, households will follow the price movements on the energy market. Customers pay tariffs based on the current hourly rate for electricity and the current day price for gas, allowing household to save costs and help make our energy consumption more sustainable.

The increasing availability of renewable energy is affecting current market prices: at times when a great deal of solar and wind energy is available, electricity prices are lower than otherwise. With Eneco Dynamisch, customers can adjust their electricity use accordingly. They can keep track of the daily energy prices in the app and use energy at times when the prices are low, for example by turning on the washing machine or charging the E-bike or electric car in the afternoon when the sun is shining.

An added advantage is that the available electricity will be used more efficiently, i.e. at times when plenty of renewable electricity is available. This new way of using electricity is another step towards the energy transition, because the more sustainable energy we use, the sooner we can stop using fossil fuels. Reason for Eneco to keep investing in wind and solar parks and at the same time stimulate energy consumption at the right times. Because gas is charged at the daily price, customers can take the changing prices in account and, for example, adjust their thermostat accordingly.

Smart charging solution
Eneco will continue to invest in opportunities to find smart ways to save on energy. For instance, electric car owners can already opt to combine Eneco Dynamisch with Eneco SlimLaden, to automatically charge their cars whenever it is cheapest.

Eneco Dynamisch is now available to consumers who do not have solar panels. The expectation is that consumers with solar panels will be able to use Eneco Dynamisch in October. This requires a few final adjustments in the systems.

Wide range of choice
Eneco Dynamisch represents a new addition to the energy contracts available to consumers. Eneco now offers fixed energy contracts [for 1 or 3 years], variable contracts and dynamic contracts, allowing consumers to choose whichever contract best suits their personal situation: from assurance and certainty about their monthly energy costs to rates that change constantly based on current market prices. These fluctuating rates can also cause a risk for the monthly charges and the dynamic contract is therefore not a suitable option for everyone. For an overview of all the opportunities and risks of the dynamic contract and an overview of the types of contracts and the main differences between them, consumers can visit