All bol.com premises switch to sustainable energy

Eneco ZonOpDak bij Bol com

All premises of bol.com in the Netherlands and Belgium switched over to green power. An important part of this transition is the recent installation by Eneco of more than 13,000 solar panels on the roof of bol.com’s new fulfilment centre (BFC2) in Waalwijk. The existing fulfilment centre in Waalwijk (BFC1) was already powered entirely by green electricity supplied by Eneco wind turbines located right next to the warehouses. The remaining bol.com locations also switched over now, meaning that all the offices, data centres and warehouses will be using 100 percent renewable energy. This is another important step towards 0 grams of CO2 emissions per package by 2025.

Vincent Weijers, Director Logistics & Operations at bol.com: “This is an important milestone for increasing sustainability at bol.com, because a substantial proportion of our total CO2 emissions used to be generated by the energy consumption at our premises. Our aim is to enable climate neutral shopping at bol.com by 2025. By running entirely on solar and wind energy, we are getting closer to achieving that ambition. Naturally, there is still a lot of work to be done. As the collaboration with Eneco shows, we continue to take steps aimed at making our business operations more sustainable: from packing as economically as possible and delivering the items, to offering a large range of sustainable products in our shops.”

Collaboration with Eneco
In order to increase the sustainability of the energy supply, bol.com started a collaboration with Eneco. In January 2017 the first step was the use of wind energy generated by the wind farm in Waalwijk and this is now extended with the use of solar power on the newly constructed bol.com fulfilment centre. The BFC2 now has a solar roof with more than 13,000 solar panels. These panels generate around four GWh per year, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of some 1,200 households. Bol.com will use this green energy for elevators, lighting, automatic doors and order picking machines, conveyor belts, packing machines and sorting systems. This will soon ensure that half a million parcels per day can pass through the enormous mechanized fulfillment center. This is yet another step towards 0 grams of CO2 emissions per package

Frank van Rees, Director B2B at Eneco: “Making the energy supply of companies more sustainable is an important step forward in the energy transition. We gladly help companies, like bol.com, to achieve their sustainability ambitions by investigating together which energy solutions are fitting for their business processes. We started with local wind energy for the distribution centre, which we have now extended with a large solar roof on the new building. A close cooperation with an excellent result; all bol.com buildings are now running on renewable energy.”