Winners of final round of Eneco Luchterduinen Fund announced

At a festive gathering on 11 May, the 22 winners were announced who can go on to realise their sustainable initiatives with the support of the Eneco Luchterduinen Fund. They are all projects that contribute to making the environment more sustainable or enhancing the coastal experience in Noordwijk, Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and Katwijk. 

A total of 43 sustainable initiatives had been submitted. The jury assessed them according to the applicable criteria and, based on this, half of the initiatives can now count on a financial contribution from the fund. This is the largest number of winners since the fund's inception. As this was also the last round of the Luchterduinen Fund, the jury wanted to help as many projects as possible financially.

The Eneco Luchterduinen Fund was set up to enable residents, associations and foundations of the coastal municipalities in the vicinity of the wind farm to actively contribute to increasing sustainability or enhancing the coastal experience. Initiatives could be submitted until the end of 2022. 


Winners by municipality:

  • Bloemendaal
    • Staatsbosbeheer to repair 8 historic bridges at Elswout country estate
    • Het Groene Strand for training guides who will lead Green beach excursions
    • Thijsse’s Hof Heemtuin to make the visitor centre and instruction room more sustainable
    • Stichting Jong Bennebroek to make the association building De Spelonk more sustainable
    • IVN Zuid-Kennemerland for materials to make the nature podcast Tierelier
    • National Park Zuid-Kennemerland for an experience activity with grab stick and bingo card and a stuffed Scottish Highlander
  • Katwijk
    • Katwijk Sea Scouts to make clubhouse Parnassia self-sufficient
    • Water sports association Skuytevaert to make the clubhouse energy-neutral
  • Noordwijk
    • Veldzicht Regional Museum to make the buildings more sustainable
    • Outdoor4disabled to convert the Strandrups (beach tracked vehicle) for use with blue diesel instead of ordinary diesel
    • Fluks Korfbal to make the clubhouse more sustainable
    • Stichting KunstKlank Noordwijk for a musical theatre production on the beach
    • Bollenstreekomroep for two electric scooters for reporters
    • Brobos Scouts to make the clubhouse more sustainable
    • Norvicus Scouts to make the clubhouse energy-neutral and gas-free
  • Zandvoort
    • Zandvoort Lifesaving Team for two electric bikes for patrolsKNRM Zandvoort for the installation of solar panels on the boathouse
    • Zandvoort Water Sport Association to make the clubhouse more sustainable
    • Zandvoort Allotment Gardeners Association for planting sedum plants on the canteen roof
    • Naaldenveld Scouts for solar panels on the roof of the sanitary building of the scout campsite Het Naaldenveld
    • Juttersgeluk Foundation for an electric beachcomber bus

About windfarm Eneco Luchterduinen 
Windfarm Eneco Luchterduinen is located 23 kilometres off the coast at Noordwijk and Zandvoort. The wind farm has been supplying green power since 2015 and consists of 43 wind turbines, together accounting for an amount of green power comparable to the consumption of 150,000 households.