More certainty with Eneco Dynamic & Fixed

Dynamic energy contracts offer the option of a quick response to price trends on the energy market; you can use that feature to your advantage by adjusting your energy usage to follow the prices. However, it is easier to apply this to your electricity consumption than to your gas usage. This is why Eneco now offers a Eneco Dynamic & Fixed (Dynamisch & Vast) contract, which removes some of the uncertainty of your energy bills. The contract fixes the gas price for a year, but still has the advantages of electricity tariffs that vary by the hour.

Our dynamic energy contract appeals particularly to consumers who are willing to adapt their energy usage to match times when the prices are lower. It is easier to adjust how much power you use than how much gas you use. Electricity tariffs change hourly; they are at their lowest when there is plenty of power available – often during daylight hours, thanks to the generation of sustainable solar and wind energy during the day. This contract means you can use that information to your advantage. Gas is subject to day prices. That means it is more difficult to change your use to match the prices, because consumers want to heat their homes every day and use hot water whenever they need to.

More certainty
So, consumers looking for more certainty on their gas bills now have the chance to fix their gas tariffs. Customers enter into a dynamic contract with a fixed gas tariff for the term of a year. By contrast, the electricity tariffs are fully dynamic, and customers can benefit from those tariffs if they use electricity during the day when the prices are low.

More information about combining dynamic electricity tariffs and fixed tariffs for gas is available on our web page Eneco Dynamic.

Better for customers and the climateCouple using tablet in living room
A dynamic contract encourages us to use the sustainably generated electricity that is available on the grid more efficiently, as the lower prices are an incentive to use power at those times. This contributes to the energy transition, because the more we can work with sustainable energy, the sooner we can stop using fossil fuels.