Mercedes-Benz and Eneco start Benelux cooperation on charging solutions

Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg & Netherlands and Eneco are entering into a strategic partnership in the field of charging solutions to support customers in an easy switch to electric driving. In this way, both business drivers and private customers can opt for an Eneco wallbox installation when purchasing their electric or electrified Mercedes-Benz.

To support customers and make the switch to electric driving effortless, Mercedes-Benz and Eneco are collaborating in providing smart charging solutions. In this way, Mercedes-Benz customers can experience all the benefits of electric driving without any complications. Through a simple process the Mercedes-Benz dealer can request a new charging infrastructure for a customer and initiate its installation. This makes green charging and driving easy and makes the switch very simple for customers.

Claire D'Haese, Online to Offline Operations Manager of Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg and Mercedes-Benz Netherlands on the collaboration: "With Eneco, we have found a reliable partner for offering charging solutions. Eneco, like Mercedes-Benz, has clear ambitions when it comes to a sustainable future and helps us make the switch to electric driving completely worry-free for customers."

"We are very excited about the partnership with Mercedes-Benz ", says Leonie Baneke, CEO of Eneco eMobility. "This allows us, together with a pioneer in electric driving, to offer customers an easy transition towards sustainable mobility."

With Eneco’s wallbox installation charging your electric car at home is very simple: from initial advice on the charging solution to physical installation and final use. Each wallbox installation comes with a three-phase charge point, three-phase cabling, a data cable and a charge card for smart charging. It is future-proof, because if a customer's charging needs change in the future, no further drastic changes are necessary.

Extra services with app
Eneco also makes its SlimLaden smart charging app available to new EV drivers. Eneco’s SlimLaden app gives users insight into the most advantageous times of the day to charge. If the home has solar panels, it is also possible to charge with energy from these solar panels. This ensures that customers can always charge sustainably and economically. As soon as a customer is on the road, the Mercedes me app provides full information on the status of the battery, nearby charging options, and plug & charge. Moreover, the Mercedes me Eco Coach app is available as a personal trainer to help drivers drive and charge their electric car even more efficiently.

Ambition 2039 Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz's sustainability ambition is clear: the goal is to offer a product range with a CO2-neutral balance across the entire value chain and life cycle from 2039 onwards. This takes into account the entire value chain: from development to suppliers, in-house production, product electrification, renewable energy sources in the use phase of electric vehicles and vehicle recycling to close the loop. By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz aims to offer all-electric models wherever market conditions allow. Eneco - which has set a clear ambition with its One Planet Plan to be climate neutral by 2035 - is supporting Mercedes-Benz to further shape the future of sustainable mobility.

Eneco One Planet Plan
Eneco's ambition is to be climate neutral by 2035. Not only in its own operations, but also in the energy supplied to customers. By expanding solar and wind power capacity even further and supplying 100% green power by 2030 not only to residential but also to business customers, by making existing flexible capacity carbon-free and by being committed to making the supply of heat to customers more sustainable, Eneco is moving forward strongly to achieve this goal.