Mega Cube battery part of Utrecht’s Lage Weide power station

With its 14MWh capacity and 7MW worth of power, iwell's Mega Cube is an intelligent battery system. By being coupled real-time to sustainable energy sources, the battery promotes the use of green energy in The Netherlands while simultaneously contributing to a gas consumption reduction of Eneco’s power plant in Utrecht. On 8 March, Huib van Essen, member of the Utrecht Provincial Executive (responsible for Energy Transition and Climate) and Lot van Hooijdonk, member of the Utrecht Municipal Executive (responsible for Mobility and Energy) activated the Mega Cube by putting it on stream.

Less gas
In the realisation of the Mega Cube, as well as providing the hard- and software for monitoring and controlling the battery system, iwell was also the project developer. The battery system will from now on enable Eneco to utilise the power stored in the battery for balancing the incoming and outgoing energy on the power grid. As a result, the power station is capable of meeting a peak demand by first utilising sustainably generated energy and gradually scaling up the power station's production capacity, thus reducing gas consumption.

Green power
The FlexiDao monitoring system is used to ensure that green power from Dutch solar parks and wind farms is being used. At the Eneco premises, the Mega Cube has been split up into 6 separate containers equipped with three transformers. The deployment of iwell’s large battery system will make the energy grid less dependent on fossil fuels, in this case gas. The system reduces CO2 emissions by 2.6 gigatonnes a year, which equals the annual emission of over 2,600 households.