Maasvlakte beach at Windpark Maasvlakte 2 open

On December 22 the Maasvlakte beach at Windpark Maasvlakte 2 officially reopened to all recreational visitors. At the beginning of this year, Eneco started the construction of this wind farm for Rijkswaterstaat - the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The sports beach was temporarily closed for this purpose. There are now 10 turbines on the hard seawall and 12 turbines on the beach. The bases of some of the turbines are even under water when the tide is high.

The work area has recently been returned to its original state. From now on, recreational visitors can once again make full use of the sports beach on Maasvlakte 2. They can use parking areas P5 and P6 again, from where they can enjoy a long walk along the beach or go wind surfing. However, kiting and kitesurfing will not be allowed.

Testing wind turbines
The construction of the wind farm is entering its final phase. The wind turbines will be subjected to a full range of tests over the next months to ensure that they function properly under all circumstances. In the first months of the new year, work in the vicinity of the turbines will continue at the beach and on the dike. A special aerial work platform will be used to carry out work on the turbines at the beach. Naturally, precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of both employees and recreational visitors during these activities. 

Green power
Also during the testing phase, the power generated by the wind turbines will be fed into the electricity grid. When the testing phase is completed and the wind farm will be put into full operation, it will be generating 416 GWh of sustainable electricity per year. Rijkswaterstaat will be using this green electricity to power the entire Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Not only the office buildings, but also things such as street lighting and the operation of bridges and pumping stations will be powered by wind energy generated at the Maasvlakte.