Limited heat cost increase Eneco despite increased energy prices

Consumers of Eneco who are connected to a heat network and remain below the price ceiling will pay an average of € 175.41 per year more in 2023 compared to the tariff in January 2022. Next year, more than 85% of Eneco's heat customers are expected to stay below the price cap. Increased prices for energy, wages and materials are the reason for the higher tariffs in 2023.  

Heat customers pay the same tariff throughout the year. With the announcement of the tariffs, heat customers therefore know where they stand for 2023 as well. Eneco always buys heat in advance, for the entire following calendar year. Rising energy prices due to, among other things, the war in Ukraine therefore did not affect the monthly advance bill in 2022. Unfortunately, next year's heat tariffs are rising due to higher energy prices compared to a year ago.  

Heat tariffs move with the high prices of gas and electricity. Because the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) bases the maximum tariff on the price of natural gas, many heat companies (including Eneco) have linked their purchase contracts for residual heat from industry and heat from waste processing plants, for example, to the gas price. Heat sources such as peak natural gas boilers and thermal storage (CHP) plants are also directly affected by high gas and electricity prices. In addition to heat purchase prices, rising wages and material costs are also affecting, among other fixed costs. All this is reflected in the new tariffs. Eneco has maintained the customer discount on the consumption-independent tariff for 2023.  

From Saturday 17 December heat customers of Eneco will receive their heat tariffs in one go, in full and in person. Eneco always sets its tariffs after publication of the maximum tariffs by the ACM. The new tariffs remain within the total of the maximum tariffs published by the ACM on 9 December 2022.  

Tariffs 2023 
For an average consumption of 28 GJ, the total monthly advance amount for consumers in 2023 comes to €163.08. This is partly due to the government's introduction of a price cap to limit the impact of the rise in energy costs for households. The price cap will apply over the first 37 GJ of heat. It is estimated that at least 85% of Eneco's customers will stay below this ceiling with their heat consumption next year. 

Consumers will pay Eneco € 47.38 per GJ for the variable part up to the price ceiling in 2023. For consumption above the price cap threshold of 37 GJ, a tariff of € 90.91 per GJ will apply. The fixed tariff components come out at € 52.33 on average per month, partly due to a discount of € 90.99 given by Eneco to customers. 

Tariff overview

Tariffs per year * for an average consumption of 28 GJ (including price ceiling) 



ACM 2023 

Eneco 2023  

Eneco 2022 

Total costs for 28 GJ consumption 

€ 1,326.74 

€ 1,326.74 

€ 1,225.27 

Fixed costs 

€ 549.58 

€ 458.59 

€ 403.58 

Metering costs 

€ 30.75 

€ 30.75 

€ 27.19 

Rent CW4 heat exchanger 

€ 140.88 

€ 140.88 

€ 125.50 

Total per year 

€ 2,047.95 

€ 1,956.96 


Total per month (monthly advance) 

€ 170.66 

€ 163.08 

€ 148.46 





Tariffs per GJ * 




Variable costs per GJ (t/m 37 GJ 

€ 47.38 

€ 47.38 

€ 43.76 

Variable costs per GJ (vanaf 37 GJ) 

€ 90.91 

€ 90.91 

€ 43.76 


* all amounts include 21% v.a.t.