iwell and Eneco supplement power plant with storage capacity

iwell and Eneco have signed a partnership agreement for the storage of electricity at Eneco’s Lage Weide power plant. With the development and installation of the iwell Mega Cubes, storage capacity of 7 MW and 14 MWh is created. The amount of energy stored by the system on an annual basis will correspond to the electricity consumption of some 2,200 households, thus making it possible to swiftly balance energy supply and demand.

Powering up a power plant requires electricity and the production of the energy plant is stepped up at peak moments in order to meet the higher demand for energy. Such temporary peaks in demand can easily be dealt with by using an iwell battery. In their 15 year partnership, the companies will be working together on balancing the power supply in an efficient manner in situations like this.

iwell is going to continue the development of the Mega Cubes over the coming months. The realisation of the project is made possible by the partnership with Eneco in combination with investments from two Dutch Green banks. The first Mega Cubes are expected to be ready for use by October 2022.