Heat tariff Eneco in 2024 below current price cap

Customers connected to an Eneco heat network will pay a tariff of €44.82 per gigajoule (GJ) in 2024. This variable heat tariff is therefore lower than the current price cap of €47.38 per GJ for heat and is also below the maximum tariff set by the Authority for Consumer and Market (ACM) for 2024.

Energy prices are a lot lower now than they were a year ago. As a result, the ACM's new maximum heat tariff is €46.69 including VAT, which is below last year's price cap rate. Given its intention to offer its customers collective heat as an affordable and more sustainable source of heat, Eneco has chosen to keep the rate per GJ for 2024 below the ACM's maximum rate. Customers will pay €44.82 per GJ of heat including VAT.

Fixed costs increased
Eneco's fixed costs for 2024 have been set at €606.72. This is also below the maximum set by the ACM at €618.82. Fixed costs have increased compared to last year due to higher staff and material costs. 

Slight increase
On average, heat costs for households in 2024 will increase by €6.81 per month for a consumption of 28 GJ. In the past year, this was a level of usage where customers paid the price cap tariff. Over 89% of Eneco's customers stayed below the maximum consumption of the price cap. Following concerns around heat affordability raised by municipalities early this year, we informed them about this during the past year and kept them updated on the price development for 2024 just as developments in relation to the Collective Heat Act.

More information for customers
From 14 December, heat customers will receive personal notification from Eneco about their heat tariffs for 2024. For more information (in Dutch), customers can visit the heat tariff page on our website

Tariff overview

Tariffs for an average consumption of 28 GJ (including 21% VAT)
 ACM 2024Eneco 2024
Variable costs per GJ€ 46.69€ 44.82
Total variable costs for 28 GJ consumption€ 1307.32€ 1254.96
Fixed costs€ 618.82€ 606.72
Metering costs€ 31.68€ 31.68
Rent heat exchanger Combi€ 145.38€ 145.38
Total per year€ 2103.20€ 2038.74
Total per month€ 175.27€ 169.90

No more than natural gas
Heat tariffs are set by the ACM based on the no-more-than-otherwise principle compared to natural gas. As a result, a heat customer pays no more for their heat than in a comparable situation with a gas-fired central heating boiler.

Check against ACM prices
Eneco's 2024 heat tariffs are based on the set heat tariff cap announced by the ACM on 1 December 2023. We will remain below these statutory rates.