Eneco's response to the situation in Ukraine

Russia's terrible attack on Ukraine is also the main topic in the energy world. We are noticing that the situation is raising many questions about the gas we supply. We at Eneco think it is important to explain this. 

The gas that is physically supplied in the Netherlands comes from different sources of gas in different countries. Of the total amount of gas flowing through the pipelines, an average of 15% is Russian. For our customers, we purchase a certain amount of gas through direct contracts with gas suppliers and a portion on the gas market. The origin of the gas we buy on the gas market cannot be traced.

The vast majority (85-90%) of the gas that Eneco purchases through direct contracts is purchased from non-Russian gas suppliers. In 2010, we entered into a long-term contract with Wingas. That contract expires in 2030. At the time, Wingas was a joint venture between Germany's Wintershall and Gazprom. We also have a number of short-term contracts with Gazprom Marketing & Trade, a Gazprom subsidiary based in London. These contracts will expire soon. We will see the existing contracts out, but under the current circumstances we will not be entering into any new contracts with Russian gas suppliers.

Last year we presented our One Planet Plan. Phasing out natural gas is a crucial step towards achieving our climate ambition. This means that we will convert or close our gas-fired power plants and work to make homes and buildings heated with natural gas more sustainable, through home insulation, hybrid and non-hybrid heat pumps and district heating networks. In the current situation, our plans have only become more urgent.