Eneco variable tariff decreasing further in March

Prices in international energy markets have been falling since last autumn and so have Eneco's tariffs. Variable tariffs for March 2023 have been set at € 1,82557 per m3 of gas and € 0,46180 per kWh for electricity, including energy tax and 21% VAT. "For consumption above the price ceiling, customers receiving this tariff in March will pay over 40%* less than they do now; a substantial difference," said Selina Thurer, Chief Customer Officer at Eneco.

Falling pricesSelina Thurer
"The high market prices in recent times are causing financial concerns for many households and businesses," Thurer said. "Fortunately, prices on the international market have been falling since the autumn and we naturally are passing on that benefit to our customers. Eneco is now doing so for the fifth month in a row. Given the current price developments in international energy markets, we hope to continue this decrease for the foreseeable future." 

There is some delay in passing on falling prices in international energy markets. Eneco must take into account the 30 days' notice for customers of their new tariffs when purchasing energy. Also, tariffs currently apply in principle for 3 months, so that short-term peaks and troughs in the market are accommodated.

The new tariff will apply to about a third of customers on variable contracts. Customers will receive the tariff information 30 days before the date the new tariff takes effect.

*The tariff for this group of customers is currently € 3,0642 per m3 of gas and € 0,829 per kWh for electricity.