Eneco to provide Albert Heijn with power from most ecological wind farm in North Sea

Albert Heijn and Eneco are entering into a long-term partnership for the purchase of green electricity from a yet-to-be-built wind farm buy Ecowende. By generating Dutch wind energy through this farm, Albert Heijn will meet half of its own power needs from 2027. The power purchase agreement with Eneco will ensure the availability of sustainable power for 15 years, and will therefore contribute to further increasing the sustainability of the supermarket chain.


Albert Heijn's climate target is an emissions-free supply chain (net zero) by 2050. Its own shops, distribution centres and offices are already fully climate-neutral, which is due to the switch to 100% Dutch wind power in early 2021. A completely carbon-free chain requires energy offtake from more sustainable sources. Albert Heijn is therefore taking the next step by buying power from a new wind farm by the name of Ecowende that is to be constructed in the North Sea, 53 kilometres off the coast of IJmuiden.

Reducing climate impact   
The long-term cooperation with Eneco for sustainable electricity is part of the ongoing programme to increase the sustainability of the supermarket chain and the entire chain in which Albert Heijn operates. Albert Heijn wants to minimise the climate impact of its operations. The energy purchased by Albert Heijn from the Ecowende wind farm will be used directly to increase the sustainability of the chain, including power for home delivery and supplying the shops. It is an important step towards a climate-neutral chain, minimising carbon emissions.


20230511_TheArrows_AlbertHeijnHR_0050_"Wind energy is considered an important part of reducing carbon emissions, which is something we as Albert Heijn are continuously making strides towards. The strategic partnership with Eneco, which will involve us buying power from the new wind farm to meet half of our own power needs, is therefore perfectly in line with our ambitions to achieve a chain with zero carbon emissions in 2050," said Marit van Egmond, CEO of Albert Heijn.   


As Tempelman, CEO of Eneco: "Albert Heijn is showing strong leadership, not just by setting clear climate goals but also by continuously taking concrete steps towards fulfilling its ambitions. A well thought out strategy for energy supply is very important, both to reduce the carbon emissions and simultaneously to keep costs manageable. Through this great partnership we continue to contribute towards a successful energy transition leading to a sustainable the Netherlands.”


Ecowende wind farm is unique 
Ecowende wind farm is the world's first offshore wind farm to be built in harmony with nature. This will involve measures being taken to minimise the impact on the natural habitat of birds and bats, marine mammals and other marine life during the construction and operation of the park. This should result in a thriving underwater world being created around the park at a distance of 53 kilometres off the coast of IJmuiden. With an installed capacity of about 760 MW, Ecowende will be able to green about 3% of the current Dutch electricity demand. The park will be operational by the end of 2026.