Eneco launches rental of hybrid heat pumps

A hybrid heat pump is a good option for reducing gas consumption by up to 70%, while still ensuring that the home is heated properly. At the same time, installing a heat pump does require an investment. Eneco is keen to make heat pumps accessible to more people. This is why Eneco is starting to offer the rental of hybrid heat pumps.

An increasing number of consumers are looking for a more sustainable solution for their heat consumption than the central heating boiler. However, it is not possible for everyone to invest money in this. By concluding a rental contract, consumers can make the switch to the hybrid heat pump. At Eneco this involves installation of a Remeha Elga Ace heat pump in the house for a monthly rental fee of 49.95 euros, alongside the existing central heating boiler. Maintenance of the hybrid heat pump is also included. This enables customers to easily reduce their gas consumption while enjoying a comfortable, warm home.

Consultation meeting
Before concluding the rental contract, a consultation meeting is first held to check whether the property is indeed suitable for a hybrid heat pump. After this, a Remeha Elga Ace 4kW is installed at the customer’s home, alongside the existing central heating boiler. This hybrid heat pump is suitable for many different home types and fits in most homes in terms of size. 

More information about the hybrid rental pump and its rental conditions can be found on our website: Warmtepomp huren | Eneco (in Dutch).