Eneco launches new start-up for smart electric charging

Jedlix introduces smart charging app to the market in January


Eneco takes a next step in the realisation of its sustainable strategy by combining its products and services relating to the smart charging of electric cars in a new start-up under the name Jedlix. The sustainable energy company made this decision on the basis of the positive results of a field test among dozens of Tesla drivers. 

Hans Valk, Director Eneco Innovation & Ventures: ‘At present, there are about 60,000 electric vehicles in the Netherlands and, by 2020, around three million in the whole of Europe. To actually reduce CO2 emissions, it is essential that this new vehicle fleet runs on green electricity. Our software forms a direct link between sustainable transport and sustainably generated energy from which customers can benefit. With Jedlix, Eneco is the first to offer this type of service to consumers. This is in line with our ambition to make rapid progress with the energy transition.’

Lower charging costs
Jorg van Heesbeen of Jedlix: ‘First and foremost, the smart charging app makes electric transport more attractive for consumers. Simply because we lower the charging costs by allowing users to benefit from hourly fluctuations in the price of green electricity. Our field test shows that drivers can save up to 15 percent on their electricity costs if they charge their car during specific periods. During the night, for example, when the supply of sustainable electricity exceeds the demand.’

Public app available early 2016
The new company targets the entire European market, but will first launch the app in the Netherlands. A public app which can be used at 1700 Eneco charging points will be available in January of 2016. Van Heesbeen: ‘Negotiations with a number of electric car brands are at an advanced stage. We expect to be able to offer the app on the European market for a number of different car brands during the course of 2016.’