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Eneco first Dutch ‘Climate Saver’

WWF introduces international climate programme for companies in the Netherlands

Energy company Eneco and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have established a close cooperation. Their agreement entails that Eneco becomes the first Climate Saver in the Netherlands.Companies that participate in the international Climate Savers Programme agree targets with WWF concerning the reduction of their CO2 emissions and the use and production of clean energy.

First climate saving energy company

International companies such as Nokia, Nike and IBM already participate in the programme. Eneco is the first energy company in the world to obtain the title of Climate Saver.The partnership between Eneco and WWF goes further than the Climate Savers Programme alone. Eneco will also support WWF's Heart of Borneo Project, which aims to protect the orang-utan. In addition, the two will develop a concept for the city of the future. This will result in a pilot project in which the sustainability of the energy supply in a still to be selected district or city will be optimised.Furthermore, the two partners, with nearly 2 million Eneco customers and nearly 1 million WFF donors, will be able to stimulate more people to save energy, to use green energy and to participate in sustainability projects. Several activities will be developed for this purpose.

Reduce CO2 emissions, mitigate climate change

With the Climate Savers Programme, both Eneco and WWF underline their role as the driving force for concrete contributions to sustainable and future-proof energy management in the Netherlands. Both parties are convinced that sustainable energy supply is an important condition for reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change.This is in line with various scientific studies and publications that demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of climate neutral electricity production in our country around 2050."Eneco is aware that customers want to use energy at any moment of the day at acceptable costs”, says Jeroen de Haas, chairman of Eneco’s Board of Management. “In our view, that is only possible by fully focusing on the use of sustainable energy, such as electricity generated by wind farms, solar panels and biomass installations, and by greening the gas consumption."Johan van de Gronden, CEO of WWF in the Netherlands: “At present, climate change is the biggest threat for human and nature. Together with major parties, WWF takes national and international steps to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. This is an urgent issue and companies such as Eneco demonstrate that increasing the sustainability of business operations is truly possible.”