Delft / Rotterdam,

Eneco acquires interest in Dutch start-up Peeeks

Intelligent system for optimising green power production and consumption


ustainable energy sources such as solar and wind can, due to their unpredictability, result in surpluses and deficits on the electricity grid. Dutch Start-up Peeeks has developed a system that contributes to the solution of this problem by smart automatic switching of devices on the consuming side. After all, many processes can be started at earlier or later without any adverse effects on their results.

By adjusting the timing of these processes to the real time electricity prices, Peeeks can lower the operational costs of these devices. Companies that coordinate the use of their pump, cooling and heating installations this way can save up to 40% on their energy bill. For Eneco this coordination results in better predictability of its customers’ energy consumption. This enables the company to purchase energy on the energy markets at a lower price and to help its customers to save money.

Peeeks developed the system, which monitors the real time energy prices continuously and determines if and for how long devices can be switched on or off, in a short period of time. Field tests with the system have yielded positive results. Eneco’s investment allows Peeeks to further improve and market the system and prepare the Dutch electricity grid for the energy transition. "In addition to a financial injection we also get access to the network and experience of Eneco. This offers us substantial additional value", says David Beijer of Peeeks.

The investment was facilitated by the Venture Generator, an accelerator that promotes the cooperation between corporates and start-ups and in doing so ensures that both parties can benefit from each other’s unique properties. “We see much added value in combining the high innovation speed of start-ups with the market access and growing potential of corporates”, says Job Nijs of the Venture Generator.

The team behind Peeeks consists of people who were previously responsible for the start-up Epyon, the developer of fast chargers for electric cars that was acquired by ABB (NYSE: ABB) in 2011. Peeeks is located in YES!Delft, an incubator for start-ups affiliated to the Delft University of Technology. Peeeks is the second start-up located in Yes!Delft in which Eneco has acquired an interest. The sustainable energy company recently also acquired an interest in Nerdalize, with which it started a pilot project in March involving the heating of five households by means of a computer server.