25th Zowiezon solar roof connected at OBS ‘t Hout primary school

The 25th Zowiezon solar roof was ceremoniously put into operation just before the summer holidays at OBS ‘t Hout primary school in Helmond. The 190 solar panels supply 70,000 KWh and were connected on 7 July by alderman Cathalijne Dortmans, director of the foundation of Helmond public primary schools Lieke van de Ven, and Niels van der Sandt, director of Schooldakrevolutie (the School Roof Revolution). Students at this school were also given lessons by Ewald Gobind of Eneco about sustainable electricity, which is now being generated above their heads. 

“We are very happy with the solar panels on our school. We have to integrate sustainability into the education of our students,” says director Maarten Jacobs of OBS ‘t Hout primary school.

In addition to OBS ‘t Hout primary school, the Helmond Public Primary Schools Foundation is also placing solar roofs on De Stroom, De Lindt and De Bundertjes with the help of Zowiezon. In total, the 462 panels at these schools will be generating 172,000 kWh per year. Thanks to Zowiezon, a CO2 reduction of 70 tons per year will be achieved and 1,200 pupils will learn about solar energy.

Eneco's mission is ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’. By 2035, Eneco wants to be climate neutral, together with all its customers. Stichting Schooldakrevolutie (The School Roof Revolution Foundation) has been offering school boards free and independent advice on sustainability for years. The joint project Zowiezon makes project managers available free of charge who will actually realise solar roofs. The plan is to make a contribution from education to the energy transition by helping approximately 50 schools. About 14,000 students will learn about solar energy thanks to Zowiezon.

In addition to help with the realisation of a solar roof, the participating schools also receive a Zowiezon Toolbox. With this toolbox, sustainability also comes to life in the classroom and students can celebrate with their teachers and parents that their school has become more sustainable. This ensures that everyone in and around the school is involved in the solar roof in a positive way and at a tangible level. Energy experts from Eneco can give lessons about sustainable energy at the request of the school.

School Roof Revolution
The School Roof Revolution Foundation’s goal is for all children in the Netherlands to learn about solar energy under a solar roof. Schools with solar roofs contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition and teach the new generations the value of sustainability. The School Roof Revolution Foundation aims to have solar panels installed on all the more than 5,500 suitable school roofs in the Netherlands as quickly as possible and for children to learn about solar energy from an early age. The foundation has been the driving force behind this sunny revolution since 2015, bringing parties together and encouraging schools to accelerate the energy transition.

As a sustainable energy company, Eneco is at the heart of society with the mission of 'sustainable energy for all'. In a sustainable world, everyone participates. On the basis of social commitment, Eneco is happy to support schools in making them more sustainable. For years, Eneco's social sponsorship has focused on inspiring the young generation through education about sustainability. With energy lessons, energy games and information for class presentations, Eneco teaches young people more about sustainable energy in a playful way. Eneco is investing in the Zowiezon project together with its shareholder Mitsubishi Corporation.