Municipality of The Hague and Eneco Group join forces in development of smart city project "Living Lab Scheveningen"

The municipality of The Hague and Eneco Group are starting ‘Living Lab Scheveningen (The Hague beach)’. Clever street lights (Smart City Hubs) play an important role. Various services and applications are being utilized to contribute to a safer and more attractive Scheveningen. At Smart City Expo in Barcelona, alderman Saskia Bruines and Eneco’s Manager Smart Outdoor Jan van de Ven, announced the cooperation to an international audience.

Street lights are connected to the electricity network and are at the right height. This makes them a useful public space network. Sensors and objects such as cameras and Small Cells (next generation telecom network) are added to the lights. Opportunities that are created include remote management of lighting, air quality measurement and noise and traffic management. In addition, smart lighting offers possibilities for locating free parking spaces. By efficiently combining measurement methods and data, Living Lab can save time, money and space.

Living Lab Scheveningen matches the Smart City ambitions of the municipality and the ‘Healthy Coast’ (De Kust Gezond) programme. In addition, the municipality invests in rebuilding the public space, aiming to make Scheveningen greener and attractive to residents, entrepreneurs and tourists. This also strengthens Scheveningen's economic climate.

The Living Lab will exist for eight years. As well as testing technological solutions, it will test the business model. This allows for testing whether or not innovations are permanently viable. Living Lab Scheveningen is supported by the first open 5G network in the Netherlands.


The municipality of The Hague and Eneco signed the cooperation agreement on Monday morning in Scheveningen. CEO Jeroen de Haas signed on behalf of Eneco Group. The aldermen Saskia Bruines (Knowledge Economy, International Affairs, Education and Youth) and Boudewijn Revis (Development of Core Areas and Public Space, the Downtown and the Centre Districts) represented the municipality. In addition, Eneco has started discussions with Eurofiber to broaden cooperation.

'Eneco likes working with the municipality of The Hague, PwC and other partners at Living Lab Scheveningen and the Smart City concept. Innovation in urban space also contributes significantly to the energy transition, "said Jeroen de Haas, CEO of Eneco Group