Eneco introduces voice control of Toon thermostat using Google Assistant

Turning the heat up or down a bit without getting up from the couch? This is now possible due to the combination of the Toon thermostat and Google Assistant. In addition to adjusting the temperature, it is also possible to communicate your meter readings to Eneco by talking. The collaboration with Google is in line with Eneco's strategy to make the lives of its customers easier by focusing on new technologies. Eneco offers customers the possibility to communicate with Eneco and with devices such as Toon in more and more different ways and by using new technologies.

The Dutch language version of Google Assistant will be launched today. As one of the launch partners, Eneco developed an application that includes the possibility to talk to the Toon thermostat. As of now, it is possible to turn down the heating by simply saying in Dutch something like ‘Okay Google, please turn down my Toon by one degree’ and meter readings can also be communicated easily by means of voice technology.

Eneco is always looking for new ways to provide even better service for its customers. One of the ways in which this is done is by linking up with the technologies of the future. Examples include the possibilities for Toon thermostat users to make their Toon even smarter by using Philips Hue light bulbs or by connecting the thermostat to Olisto or Homey. And meter readings can be communicated by means of Alexa, Facebook messenger and, as of today, Google Assistant.

Eneco is proud of its collaboration with Google. Taco van den Elskamp, Customer Digital Lead at Eneco: "We make connections with apps and services that customers are using now or will be using in the future. In the United States, voice technology is already applied on a large scale in devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo; millions of these smart devices have already been sold there. It is expected that this trend will also spread to the Netherlands soon. By already integrating voice technology in our services we are fully prepared for that moment."