Eneco acquires Essent’s mid-size B2B business

Eneco has agreed to acquire Essent’s mid-size B2B business. Eneco sees possibilities in assisting these mid-size B2B companies in reducing and decarbonising their energy consumption. The acquisition offers Eneco opportunities for growth in the B2B market and stimulating the energy transition.

Essent’s mid-size B2B business consists of approximately 4,700 customers. After closing, these customers will be serviced by Eneco. Their contract conditions and rates will remain the same, but Eneco will provide all services and arrange the renewal of contracts. 
Besides managing the energy supply, the customers can also count on advice on possibilities for decarbonisation of their energy consumption in the coming years. This is part of the Eneco ambition to support customers in achieving a zero carbon footprint.

The Essent employees working for the mid-size B2B customers can continue their activities as they will be joining Eneco.


Kees-Jan Rameau, Chief Strategic Growth Officer of Eneco: "This acquisition is in line with our strategy to expand our customer base and assist B2B customers in reducing and decarbonising their energy consumption. Now we can focus even more on growth in sustainable energy and innovative solutions for the B2B market, such as Zon op Dak, EnergieCoach and Solar PowerParking. Working together, we will be able to achieve a climate neutral energy supply by 2035.”

Suzan Schakenraad, Chief Commercial Officer and, as of 1 August 2021, CEO of Essent: “Essent is opting to strengthen its successful strategy to focus on consumers and SME customers with energy supply and sustainability services. Our cluster of large corporate customers is relatively small. With the intended sale, we are successfully completing the strategic reorientation of our business-to-business activities. We thank the employees involved and wish them every success at Eneco upon completion of the transaction.”

The acquisition is subject to approval of the competition authorities. Furthermore the (central) works councils will be consulted. Eneco and Essent do not provide any financial details regarding this transaction.