Toon accelerates: everyone’s a developer thanks to open API

Technology company Quby, Toon’s developer, opens up its platform through an API (Application Programming Interface). This enables smart home producers, service providers and software developers to develop new functions, providing more comfort and convenience in the homes of Toon users.

Hans Valk, CEO Quby:
‘We continuously strive to add valuable services to Toon user’s homes. We work hard to create these services ourselves, but together with all the smart, creative developers and partners out there, we can vastly accelerate. By inviting everyone to develop on our platform, we combine forces. This way Toon can continuously offer new possibilities for a more comfortable life, faster.’

Triggi and Homey
The ‘Internet of Things’ is just around the corner for all Toon users. App developer Triggi provides new solutions, using ‘geofencing’ (virtually defining an area with GPS) to notify you when you’ve left the heating on, after leaving your home.Smart home platform Homey has developed an extension that allows Toon to be connected to a great number of devices, such as smart lights, sensors and Tv’s.

Achmea and BSH
Insurer Achmea is exploring the options with Quby to make your home safer with Toon. Quby and BSH Nederland, the company behind household appliance brands like Bosch and Siemens, are researching smart connections between Toon and their product portfolio such as refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers.

The software developers community can access the platform through the renewed developers portal, to program new functionalities and connections for Toon users. New solutions through the open API, improving the level of comfort and convenience at home, are already to be expected later this year.