TANAC appoints Eneco as European Sales Agent

Brazilian wood chips for the European market

TANAC SA, a large Brazilian wood chip producer, announces a long term business cooperation with Eneco Energy Trade BV, the trading department of the Dutch energy company Eneco, for the supply of FSC-certified wood chips from Rio Grande do Sul Brasil to Europe. Eneco has the intention to use wood chips for the sustainable production of heat and power for its customers.

Social responsibility

TANAC SA is the world’s largest tannin producer. In addition TANAC produces approximately 750.000 GMT of clean fresh wood chips per year, mainly destined to Asia and Europe. TANAC is acknowledged for its attention to social responsibility and product sustainability. TANAC’s own forest plantations and all of its woodchips are fully FSC-certified. Otavio Decusati, Managing Director of TANAC SA: “We believe FSC-certification and sustainable operations are necessary for a long term oriented company like TANAC SA”. “Europe is expected to become a key market for our wood chips”, says Osmar Graff, Commercial Director; “the increased demand for environmentally responsible raw materials and renewable energy will lead to more opportunities for the import of sustainable wood chips”.

High quality and sustainable biomass products

Eneco Energy Trade BV believes this cooperation underlines their ambitions as a reliable supplier of high quality and sustainable biomass products in Europe. “By establishing this cooperation we gain a strong position in one of the most promising supply countries in the future”, according to Guido Dubbeld, Managing Director of Eneco Energy Trade BV. “Brazil is developing very fast and provides numerous opportunities for biomass and carbon-projects. This position is an important next step in the development of a reliable and ustainable biomass portfolio”, says Dubbeld. Robert de Boer, Head of Alternative Energy, adds that the cooperation with TANAC fits very well within the strategy to trade international and sustainable biomass flows. He emphasizes the importance that TANAC is acknowledged as a highly reputable partner: “TANAC understands the importance of biomass sustainability and has already started the certification process to comply with the Dutch sustainability criteria.”

As of March 2011 Eneco Energy Trade BV will represent TANAC SA in all European wood chip sales markets. Main segments will be the pulp & paper sector, the panel board industry and the energy sector. Next to wood chips sales, parties are also jointly exploring the possibility to start up a pellet production facility. Furthermore parties will cooperate to implement the Dutch NTA 8080 sustainability criteria.TANAC has a large volume of high-quality wood chips readily available for direct shipment to Europe by dedicated wood chip carrier.